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Dr Hillel Braude
Oct 04, 2021
In Questions & Answers
I am very pleased to announce the opening of the SomaticWell Forum. The Forum provides a means of growing the SomaticWell community and providing a central hub for exploring the core values and ideas that have inspired me to establish the SomaticWell Center. The SomaticWell Discussion Forum provides a safe space for asking questions and sharing of perspectives relating to the various therapeutic approaches promoted via SomaticWell, for e.g.,- somatics, integrative neurobiology, integrative medicine, neurodevelopmental disabilities - especially autism, SSP, etc. I hope that community members will reach out to each other and help provide answers to specific questions and issues. The Forum is a work in process, and will undoubtedly grow and transform depending on community input. I plan to contribute to different discussion threads. If you have a particular issue that is not adequately resolved on the Forum, I am available on a fee basis to research and answer particular questions that require dedicated research and reflection. Blessings, Dr. Hillel

Dr Hillel Braude

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